regeneration of galvanic frames

Regeneration of galvanic frames

Its specialization in the sector of galvanic frames and equipment and the high leven of technological innovation enable PM Titanio to carry out cryogenic paint removal for regenerating galvanic frames both produced by PM Titanio and supplied by customers.
The paint removal process can be carried out on any coated product.

The immersion of the frame in a liquid nitrogen bath at a temperature of -196°C makes it possible to remove the existing plastic coating completely through a thermal shock and the resulting PVC breakage. The PVC is then carefully removed using a specific mechanical treatment.
The cryogenic paint removal process

makes it possible to regenerate the frame completely. The frame can then be treated again in order to be used as planned.

The regeneration proces with liquid nitrogen carried out by PM Titanio is ideal to repair, re-plasticize or restore galvanic frames without changing their basic characteristics.

On the Company’s service is precise and timely and in compliance with its general quality standards.

regeneration of galvanic frames