galvanic frames

Galvanic Frames

nickel plating
chrome plating
zinc plating
galvanic frames ABS frames
galvanic frames PVD frames
galvanic frames Frames for painting
galvanic frames Special titanium frames
or anodic oxidation
and electro-polishing

Galvanic Frames

PM Titanio produces galvanic frames of any type and size; they can be made according out customers’ specific requirements, to the dimensions of the system and for any galvanic treatment. The Company has a highly specialized internal technical department, able to meet the strictest requirements thanks to the experience of its professional staff and to the use of innovative technologic instruments.

We have been working for industries in various good sectors for almost 50 years.
We design and product galvanic frames for superficial treatment. Our frames are suitable for plastic and metal chrome plating, zinc plating, gold plating, thickness chrome plating, chemical nickel plating, PVD and painting. We also produce special titanium frames for anodic oxidation and electropolishing.

In order to make our galvanic frames and accessories last longer and give the best performance, we use only top quality certified raw materials and carry out very strict controls in every phase of our design, production and final test, until the goods are supplied to our customers directly or by couriers. All frames are drawn and coded in order to be able to make technical and design changes later and to carry out future orders. PM Titanio has a large warehouse for managing urgent, large orders. The quality of materials, processing and service are our strength. We aim to give our customers full satisfaction.

Some processing phases.
galvanic frames and accessories