PM Titanio

Plastic Coatings

The experience gained over the years, the research&development activity and the selection of the best suppliers on an international level have enabled PM Titanio to offer its customers a complete, innovative and customized service in the plasticisation of galvanic frames.
We offer four different types of coatings and use the best raw materials available in the market.

Plasticization of frames by PM Titanio includes the following Plastisol coatings:

  • - Green Plastisol coating: ideal for any type of galvanic process. This coating is tested and has been guaranteed for years. It has top resistance to medium to high temperatures.

  • - BluePlastisol coating: resistant and very flexible. It is particularly suitable where

springs are subjected to stress and require frequent adjustment.

  • - Red Plastisol coating: ideal for galvanic frames for small parts with hooks with a small diameter. It withstands high loads;

  • - PM plast coating: this is a double plasticization of the frame according to two different formulas and colours. This special

coating was designed for all types of ABS metallization galvanic processes.

PM Titanio also carries out repair and re-plasticization of existing frames after cryogenic paint removal. All processes can be applied to all types of PVC coated or plastic coated frames or equipment.

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